The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) is a community-based natural resource management agency that protects, enhances, and sustains healthy watersheds. A watershed is the land that drains into a particular watercourse such as a stream, river, lake. Gravity and the land’s topography (the high and low areas) move water, rain, and snowmelt across the landscape from one area to another. The ravine area at 12 Mile Creek where the racecourse is being built is a watershed.

The NPCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in the Province of Ontario and manages 41 Conservation Areas within the Niagara Peninsula watershed held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation, and education.

NPCA claimed that they did not know about the building of the racecourse in the 12 Mile Creek ravines, and for 4 months course construction was done without a permit resulting in completing approximately 80% of the course build. When local residents exposed what was happening, the NPCA was forced to investigate, but provided the Games with a permit to continue construction,  shortly thereafter

We have informed the NPCA of our concerns about the permit, how it was issued, and we are continuing to challenge key parts of the permit application and approval, and the lack of due diligence by staff and comments made by NPCA Board members.

Our opposition and supporting statements are verifiable, but we need more concerned citizens to join us to stop the continued destruction of the 12 Mile Creek ravines.  To learn more about the NPCA’s role and the issues we have with the permit they provided to the Games, click here.    

We would encourage you to contact the following individuals and voice your opposition and be clear that you want all further construction stopped and that you want the damage that they have done to be repaired, and the area reinstated as it was before they destroyed it.

Insist that the NPCA fulfill their mandate to protect Niagara’s watersheds, and not to accomodate the plans and requirements of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games  and those of the Mayor of St. Catharines.   

Chandra Sharma

Robert Foster
Chair, NPCA
905 563 7219

Ed Smith
NPCA Board Member for St. Catharines

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