Ontario Power Generation (OPG) owns the property where the racecourse is being build in the 12 Mile Creek ravines.  In correspondence with us, dated September 10, 2022:

OPG has been working with the City and Canada Summer Games (the Games) in a collaborative effort to ensure the success of the Summer Games’ mountain bike course. To ensure we continue an open and transparent discussion on this matter, it is OPG’s practice to engage in meetings with all stakeholders are present. 

 As per the licence agreement with the Summer Games for the use of OPG’s land, the Games are permitted to make improvements to existing trails to improve safety for cyclists and recreational users. 

 An environmental analysis or “Environmental Assessment” has not been completed by OPG specific to this area of Twelve Mile Creek. Any reference to an environmental analysis is OPG’s internal documentation that guides our site maintenance, which information was provided to the Games as a licensee.”

OPG entered into an agreement with the Games and their partners as good community partners, but we we believe they were misinformed about what the actual plans were for the Games and for the Mayor after the Games.  To understand OPG’s role in this matter, see What You Need to Know. Important Facts.  Our opposition and supporting statements are verifiable, but we need more concerned citizens to join us to stop the continued destruction of the 12 Mile Creek ravines.      

We would encourage you to contact the following individuals and voice your opposition and be clear that you want all further construction stopped and that you want the damage that has been done to the 12 Mile Creek ravines to repaired, and the area reinstated as it was before they destroyed it.

Ken Hartwick
President and CEO, OPG

Jennifer Grossi
Corporate Relations Officer| Stakeholder Relations, Renewable Generation
Ontario Power Generation

Jo-Ann Kinnear
Property Advisor
Niagara, South Central Operations
Ontario Power Generation

Talitha Laurenson
Mgr., Real Estate Strategy
Ontario Power Generation

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