David Griffiths is a former teacher, local historian, and a Niagara resident who has dedicated his life to environmental issues and protecting Niagara’s environment.  His family history along 12 Mile Creek goes back to 1830.  He is one of just a few remaining original homeowners on Riverview Blvd. (60 years), whose property backs onto the ravine area where the racecourse is being constructed as a permanent part of the ravine.

When local residents became informed about the building of the racecourse, David got involved and has since become a member of the Friends of 12 Mile Creek (FO12).  An outdoor enthusiast, he is always actively caring for his property, which is situated high on the ravine slopes.  So, it is fair to say that he has had a clear vantage point to enjoy the natural beauty of the 12 MC ravines, and to witness its changes for more than a decade.

As a knowledgeable caretaker of the environment, his candid opposition to building the racecourse in the Riverview ravines, should be listened to and his views respected.  He has informed and educated local residents and his contributions are reflected in much of the content on this website.  So, this past October I asked David if he would allow me to video him as he walked a part of the racecourse behind his property.  What you will hear and see has not been edited and is clear visual evidence to support our claims and general opposition.  

Here are a few excerpts of his comments in the videos:

  •  ” This is the slippery part of the bank.  The deer go along the top or further down.  There are no original trails here, not even for deer; not in this part”.
  • Cutting into the banks is a terrible thing to do because it opens up this unstable ground for all kinds of erosion.  The surface drainage will catch the path and erode it into a gulley.”
  • “None of this original. The only original trail is at the bottom of the valley”.
  • Who in their right minds would walk through here.  It will always be wet and muddy.”
  • “I don’t see how the wildlife will tolerate this kink of intrusion”
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