Until I actually walked the ravines of 12 Mile Creek where the mountain bike racecourse is being built and saw what was happening for myself I could not fully appreciate how the landscape is being destroyed uneccessarily. Hard to believe this was the right way to go.
David Singleton
Cyclist and Environmentalist

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

William James

We currently have a petition focused on stopping the destruction of 12 Mile Creek for the building of a mountain bike racecourse .  You will find information in various parts of our website that will provide you with articles, videos, testimonials, photographs, media coverage and opinion commentaries that we are confident will prompt you to take action and sign our petition.  Also see Reasons to Sign The Petition.

We need everyone’s voice to be raised against what is happening as it is a clear “abuse of power”, and we need strong numbers to take a stand with us.  

Click on the change.org logo below to sign the petition.

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