Social media is an effective means of calling attention to environmental issues such as the destruction of 12 Mile Creek.  Everyday platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used to make the public aware of what is happening and empowering individuals to create public pressure and to get involved and make a difference.  If you are an avid, experienced user of social media you will find lots of information on our website to “cut and paste” information to write and post, or to share pictures, videos and other content simply by adding a link that will take the user to the website.

You will find our social media links for Friends of 12 Mile Creek at the bottom (footer) of every page. Please visit our pages often for updates and to participate in the conversations or just to comment.  Ensure that you have “liked” our social media pages and “follow” the postings.  And please encourage your online network to do the same, as well as inviting them to sign our petition and join as a Member.

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